What’s old is becoming new again.

As recent homebuyers begin to embrace gold accents, farmhouse sinks, and craftsman details, it’s clear that the past is influencing many of the present day’s foremost trends in home design.

Gallagher and Henry team members Sandie Kanakes, Laura Ritchie, and Linda Staszak detail some of the top trends they’re seeing in interior selections, including a few inspired by yesteryear flair.

Farmhouse-Styled Sinks

Apron sinks, once a mainstay of farmhouse kitchens, continue gaining popularity among Gallagher and Henry’s suburban homebuyers, while trough sinks (also known as bucket sinks) have emerged a distinctive choice for the bathroom. Both add a vintage, nostalgic touch to their respective spaces.

Painted Cabinets

While oak cabinetry and stained cabinets once dominated, Kanakes sees many current Gallagher and Henry buyers opting for painted cabinets in a simple design such as the shaker style. In some cases, buyers are going the two-toned route, selecting different paint colors for upper and lower cabinets to add visual drama. In such cases, navy and gray tones are proving especially popular.

Quartz Countertops

Granite remains the countertop go-to, especially for those favoring natural elements, but quartz is gaining steam among buyers. A nearly indestructible, man-made material, quartz isn’t quite as porous as granite and, therefore, more resistant to bacteria. At the recent International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Staszak says quartz countertops were the definitive trend in kitchen counters.

Hardwood Floors with a Little Extra Flair

Hardwoods continue to be the flooring of choice for most homebuyers, though a swelling number are selecting hardwoods with a little more panache. The most popular option for a little flair? Five-inch hand-scrapped, pre-engineered hardwoods that carry a more rugged, artisan look, Ritchie says.

Oversized Showers

While some homebuyers continue to favor grand tubs in the master bathroom, there’s growing movement toward larger, seated showers in lieu of a tub. “And especially spa-like spaces featuring oversized showerheads and multiple water sources from the side and above,” Kanakes says.

Glam Lighting

Ritchie has noticed an adventurous spirit among Gallagher and Henry’s most recent homebuyers when it comes to lighting. Fun, crystal chandeliers now adorn bathrooms and bedrooms while bird cage pendants hover over kitchen islands and barrel lights line a kitchen wall as task lights.

Craftsman Doors

While painted white remains the dominant finish on doors, Kanakes and Ritchie have both observed homebuyers leaving the traditional six-panel door behind in favor of craftsman-styled three or five-panel designs. “Anything craftsman is really in style now,” Ritchie confirms.

Sliding Barn Doors

The Joanna Gaines/“Fixer Upper” Effect has spurred robust interest in rustic elements, including sliding barn doors. Such doors serve a functional purpose in dividing two distinct spaces, while also adding a whimsical look to any room.