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Top 10 Things Your Home Shouldn’t Be Without

  • November 15, 2018

Top 10 Things Your Home Shouldn’t Be Without

Spills, scrapes, and unpleasant scents. Live in a home long enough and you’re sure to encounter your fair share of accidents, mess, and the unexpected.

With the right products on hand, however, you can unlock a quick solution and minimize any damage. These 10 rather accessible products can help you keep an orderly, tidy home ready to respond to whatever mini-disasters life might throw your way.

1: Vinegar

For the grand price of about $4 a gallon, vinegar is a wonder product for the home capable of unclogging and deodorizing drains, cleaning the microwave, revitalizing leather furniture, and much, much more.

2: Lint Roller

From cleaning up little pieces of glass or needles from the Christmas tree to prepping a paint roller for action, a simple lint roller can accomplish many household tasks and is a particularly essential tool for homes with hairy pets.

3: Cordless Vacuum

A slim, lightweight cordless vacuum is your handy partner to tidy up the nooks and crannies of your home or clean up crumbs in quick time.

4: First-aid kit

A handy first-aid kit stocked with gauze, bandages, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, and the like provides the necessary tools to swiftly address any minor emergency.

5: Fire Extinguisher

For all of $15-20, a fire extinguisher can, quite literally, save your home – and the lives in it. A multipurpose A-B-C-rated unit will work on all fires.

6: Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes

Disposable, multipurpose cleaning wipes make it easy to clean and disinfect sinks, counters, and toilets, sanitize common areas, and spot-clean floors.

7: Security Safe

A basic, fireproof security safe, which will run anywhere from $50-150, is the ideal guardian for your treasured, one-of-a-kind items, valuables, and critical documents.

8: Duster Kit

Easy-to-handle dusters like the Swiffer are absolute magnets for the allergens and dust swirling around your home – on window blinds, on top of the fridge, along baseboards and windowsills, on ceiling fan blades, and more.

9: Wet-Dry Vacuum

Colloquially referred to as Shop-Vacs, a wet-dry vacuum is your home’s versatile tool to suck up anything from crumbs, dirt, and debris in the car to snow on your doorstep or spilled milk.

10: Linen Spray

Linen spray – Febreze is perhaps the most popular brand name in the category – is a simple, snazzy way to refresh clothing, curtains, couches, carpets, and other textile surfaces.