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Behind the Build: Valentina Plastiak

  • August 20, 2020

Behind the Build: Valentina Plastiak

From sales staff and tradesmen to behind-the-scenes troubleshooters, dozens of personnel bring a Gallagher and Henry home to life. In “Behind the Build,” the Gallagher and Henry blog celebrates spirited members of our team.

In this installment of “Behind the Build,” we introduce Valentina “Tina” Plastiak, the current sales manager at the Goodings Grove and Kingston Hills communities in Homer Glen. A die-hard Chicago Cubs fan who enjoys cooking and gardening, Tina is now in her 37th year with Gallagher and Henry.

When did you start working at Gallagher & Henry?
I started with Gallagher and Henry in 1983 on the construction side. It was part-time work cleaning the finished homes prior to closing. I also did housekeeping for the Gallagher and Henry model homes as well. Working on the construction side was great for me because I saw firsthand the building of a Gallagher and Henry home from foundation to finish – the quality, the workmanship, the materials, and the care that went into each new build. That was invaluable for me as I made the move over to the sales side in 2000.

And it’s been a family affair at Gallagher and Henry for you, correct?
Yes. My husband, Vic, has worked at Gallagher and Henry since 1971 and I have loved working with him over the years. I learned everything about sales from him, which was a good thing since he’s a perfectionist who believes in doing things right the first time. Vic and I have six children and, at one time or another, every one of them has been engaged with Gallagher and Henry – working as a hostess, watering new sod, or even watching over newly poured cement. My two sons will tell you watching cement dry was the best job they ever had.

What do you most enjoy about working for Gallagher and Henry?
Each customer walking into our sales office or our model homes presents a new and exciting challenge. They all have different needs and wants, and their individual stories are fascinating. I love helping each customer build their dream home – first on paper and then in reality. And I enjoy having a beautiful model home as my office.

How would you characterize the experience of working with a multi-generational, family-owned company that is now in its 66th year?
From the company’s founders, Bob Gallagher and Dan Henry, to the present day, Gallagher and Henry has never wavered from its mission of constructing quality-built homes. The business was established on that principle and the new generation has only improved on the quality and designs to meet the needs and lifestyles of each era.

What’s one particularly memorable experience you’ve had while working on the sales side for Gallagher and Henry?
Just as each client is memorable, each sale is memorable to me in its own way as well. I’m working with a new homebuyer regularly over 6-12 months and relationships naturally blossom. I’ve gotten to know them and their families and some of my customers have become lifelong friends. I can drive through Gallagher and Henry communities today and be welcomed by not only past customers, but friends. That’s something special.