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ORCHARD HILL CONSTRUCTION, L.L.C. warrants the workmanship and material in the Home for a period of one year from the date of tender of possession against latent defects arising out of faulty workmanship or material or failure to substantially comply with the plans and outline specifications described in your Contract. The Manufacturer’s Warranty on individual items of equipment incorporated in the Home shall apply in lieu of the above Warranty.

Orchard Hill Construction, L.L.C. shall correct defective work within a reasonable time after notice in writing is received during the warranty period. We do not assume responsibility for any secondary or consequential damage caused by the defect. Latent defects are hereby defined as those defects which are not apparent upon substantial completion of the Home but become apparent within one year after such completion.

Under normal use certain types of finished materials are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, unless recognized at final inspection prior to occupancy, and noted on the Final Inspection Report, chips, scratches or mars or marks on or in such items as tile, woodwork, walls, porcelain, mirrors, glass (including breakage or cracks), window frames, plumbing fixtures, marble and formica tops, lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances and doors cannot be covered under this warranty.

Concrete walks, garage floors, driveways, patio/terraces, and exposed concrete surfaces are likely to develop cracks and other imperfections due to temperature changes or normal settling, and are unavoidable and not warranted. Salt and other chemicals used for ice removal have an adverse effect on concrete surfaces and damages resulting therefrom is not covered by this warranty. Salt or chemical de-icers applied to concrete can cause the concrete to scale. Sellers are not responsible for this type of damage. To minimize any resulting surface problems to your exterior concrete, it is imperative that – NO SALT OR OTHER DE-ICERS BE USED FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS AFTER THE WORK HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Even salt or de-icers that your car picks up on the road and then drops off on your driveway and garage floor will cause your concrete driveway and garage floor to scale. If you wish to help protect your concrete from these hazards, you can apply a transparent sealer. Any building material supply or concrete yard can furnish this sealer.

Nail Pops: As is customarily found in all new construction, cracks and nail pops may occur in the walls and the ceilings not because of faulty workmanship or defective materials, but because of the normal settling of the building. Nail pops in drywall are excluded from any warranty.

Warpage: Doors and cabinet doors being constructed of wood are susceptible to changes in moisture content. This may cause warping. Any warpage within manufacturers allowable standards are not covered by warranty.

Where a separate contract exists between the purchaser and a particular subcontractor covering any phase of additional construction in his home, seller has no responsibility for warranty enforcement in the area of the separate contract.

Grading and Landscaping of Lot: To prevent possible water infiltration or seepage, final landscaping work and grass must be kept at a level at least 2 inches below the top of the foundation wall.

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