A ‘Lot’ to Think About: A Primer for Picking the Right Homesite

You’ve chosen your ideal Gallagher and Henry community and identified the right floor plan. Perhaps you have even begun contemplating modifications to the single-family home’s design and gathering ideas for the cabinets, paint colors, flooring, and other finishing touches that will enliven and personalize your home.

The homebuilding process prompts plenty of excitement and energy. Before any work begins, however, there’s one critical decision to be made before closing time: picking your homesite. And on this front, there’s plenty to consider.

#1: Where do you want your home to sit in the community?
This is often a matter of personal preference, though lot availability in a given community and cost often play a role. Some like the idea of living closer to a community’s entrance, which decreases commute times and makes for easier access to local amenities and conveniences. Others prefer to be deeper within a community, where traffic and noise might be reduced, or are most intrigued by a lot near a community park or walking path.

A valuable Tip: Earnestly reflect on your preferences, your pet peeves, and your needs to target a general vicinity within the community that most appeals to your lifestyle and desires.

#2: What specific type of lot is most appealing?
Every Gallagher and Henry community features a diverse array of lot types, all of which possess their own unique benefits. Cul-de-sac homesites often encounter less traffic and can feel more private. Some lots might have smaller street-facing frontage and front yards but feature massive backyards that can easily be divided up into distinct zones for recreation and relaxation. A lot on the community’s edge, meanwhile, might overlook a scenic meadow.

A valuable Tip: An overview of the community’s site plan as well as satellite image of the community can provide interesting perspective, while a visit to the community for some firsthand observation of a specific lot can also help you get a sense of its feel. A Gallagher and Henry community consultant can also answer questions about adjacent land and its potential future.

#3: What type of terrain do you want?
Suburban Chicagoland might not be filled with peaks and valleys, but it does feature some gently rolling hills. Gallagher and Henry communities across the southwest suburbs embrace this terrain and it could influence the positioning of your home on a particular lot.

A valuable Tip: Would you prefer a lot that drops to the rear so that you have a walk-out basement? Or might you prefer level land that lends itself to soccer games or makes for easier lawn mowing? Reflecting on your priorities will help you identify a homesite that allows for the uses you envision.

#4: How much do you like the sun?
The direction your home faces can have a significant impact on your day and how you enjoy your home. While eastern exposure captures the morning sun, western exposure invites the afternoon sun. Do you relish the sun upon your face as you enjoy your morning coffee or cook dinner on the grill or do you welcome shade during those daily moments? Are you an avid gardener eager to maximize sunlight to maximize yields? Are you an early riser who enjoys the sun serving as a de facto alarm clock?

A Valuable Tip: For some, the sun is a welcome friend. For others, it’s an uncomfortable reality. Consider how sunlight and the sun’s rays will influence some of your daily activities, not just for outdoor activities but also indoor living.