Bring Health and Wellness Into Your Home

Life these days is stressful – and your home can help put you in a more positive frame of mind.

The shifting life demands have made the last year a challenging one. According to research from the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” survey, 67 percent of American adults report experiencing increased stress since 2020.

One noteworthy and accessible antidote: creating a healthy home environment to stimulate good vibes.

Even as we demand so much of our homes today, which have been tasked to function as classrooms, offices, gyms, and community centers all at once, some thoughtful changes can help you make your home a place a refuge and calm just as it should be.

Create Defined Spaces

When a particular space in the home is cluttered with multiple items – laptops and work files, fitness equipment, hobby supplies, and the like – it can seem overwhelming and drive anxiety. The more you can designate a space to something specific, even if it’s merely employing a curtain, bookshelves, or other furniture to create the illusion of separation, the better.

Gallagher and Henry’s six highly functional floor plans in its Lifestyle Series will support your efforts to create defined spaces that cultivate order. With spacious basements, flex rooms, three-car garages, and versatile plans that can be modified your needs, you can designate specific areas for specific functions.

Use Color to Enhance Your Mood

Not only is a fresh coat of paint on the wall among the easiest and most economical ways to invigorate your home’s interior, but certain colors also evoke certain emotions. Whereas red can be intense and frenzied, soothing colors like a periwinkle blue or muted sage can be calming and tranquil.

When purchasing a Gallagher and Henry home, you will select colors for each of your rooms. Whereas orange or yellow might be wonderful choices for a lively exercise room, soft blue walls in the home’s master suite can create a place of restfulness and relaxation.

Let There Be Light

Natural light plays an important role in affecting mood. It improves sleep (which then enhances overall health), combats depression, and increases productivity. As much as possible, let natural light flow into your home to create a bright, positive, and cheery environment.

In Gallagher and Henry’s Lifestyle Series homes, new energy-efficient Andersen 400 Series windows dot each home plan while other architectural and design features, from patio doors to transom windows to skylights, feed natural light into a home as well.

Bring the Outside In

A little greenery inside the home can go a long way to boosting your mood. Plants, after all, add color and fresh oxygen to your home. Research, meanwhile, has tied in-home greenery to higher concentration, creativity, and productivity as well as reduced stress and fewer in-air toxins.

With floor plans in Gallagher and Henry’s Lifestyle Series ranging in size from more than 2,200 square feet to nearly 3,400 square feet, you have plenty of space to incorporate greenery big and small into your home.

Create a Stress-Free Home

Your home should be a sanctuary and an environment that sparks positive energy. From fresh paint to greenery, natural light to defined, uncluttered spaces, your home can be a place that reduces stress and improves your overall mood.

Gallagher and Henry helps foster this with contemporary floor plans, thoughtful design, and the ability to customize floor plans to fit your needs and tastes.