Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, But They Both Want Updated Kitchens

Maybe men and women aren’t so different after all.

In Zolo’s 2021 Home Buyers Survey, both men and women identified an updated kitchen as one of the most desirable features in a home.

Two out of three men (67 percent) named an updated kitchen as a top priority, trailing only private outdoor space as the most prominent wish, while 64 percent of women wanted an updated kitchen. Among women’s top preferences, only updated HVAC (73 percent) and a patio or deck (65 percent) eclipsed an updated kitchen.

In a move sure to please both men and women, Gallagher and Henry’s six Lifestyle Series home plans feature gourmet kitchens packed with modern elements and high-quality materials designed for contemporary living. With its open-concept floor plans, the Lifestyle Series ensures the kitchen captures its title as the heart of the home.

A Focus on Function

We ask a lot of our kitchens these days. While the kitchen’s core purpose revolves around cooking, baking, and eating, kitchens also serve as family boardrooms, workspaces for children or adults, and social hubs. Gallagher and Henry designs its kitchens with these diverse everyday activities in mind.

In its Lifestyle Series home plans, Gallagher and Henry prioritizes functionality by mixing thoughtful layouts with usable space, extra seating, and ample storage.

  • In home plans like the Briarcliffe and Calysta, oversized kitchen islands offer additional workspace and seating, while the Fremont ranch plan hosts a second island for even more versatility.
  • The Amberwood, Briarcliffe, and Fremont plans include a walk-in pantry for hidden, yet easily accessible storage.
  • Both the Eden and Danbury have long kitchen walls dedicated to hosting various cabinetry configurations. This design offers exceptional storage solutions while also providing some visual design punch.
  • A chef’s desk in the Fremont provides another semi-private workspace, ideal as the home’s “back-office” nerve center for paying bills, crafting schedules, and other home management tasks.
  • A butler pantry in the Eden provides additional storage space and a side prep area away from the main kitchen.

In addition, Gallagher and Henry includes ENERGY STAR-rated kitchen appliances in every home. ENERGY STAR appliances use less energy, which benefits the homeowner’s pocketbook and the environment.

Delivering on Design

Alongside its clear focus on functionality, Gallagher and Henry understands homebuyers’ interest in aesthetically pleasing spaces. By blending durable materials with prudent interior design, Gallagher and Henry’s Lifestyle Series plans create style for the long haul.

You select your particular style and color of wood cabinets, a Moen faucet to sit above a double-bowl stainless steel sink, and your choice of granite countertops while countless options allow for one-of-a-kind customization.

A diverse array of hardwood flooring options, a standard feature in all Lifestyle Series home kitchens, also contributes to the overall look.

Finally, pendant lights illuminate kitchen islands and a chandelier hovering over the dining space serve a functional role while also adding a touch of distinctive style.

Kitchens for All

Pairing careful attention to detail with a mindful approach to kitchens that addresses both function and design, Gallagher and Henry’s Lifestyle Series home plans provide efficient, cozy kitchen spaces crafted for the needs of today and tomorrow.

And that’s something both men and women should enjoy.