Sold! – Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home in a Competitive Market

Before buying a new home, many first need to sell their current property, an endeavor that can be time-consuming and intimidating, particularly so in a competitive marketplace like the Chicago area.

By embracing some battle-tested real estate strategies, however, you can put yourself in a position to succeed, earn top dollar, and turn that “for sale” property into a “sold” property. Here’s how:

Use Vibrant Visuals

With the vast majority of homebuyers perusing properties online, professional photos that show your home in the best possible light are critical. A credible real estate agent should have access to a professional photographer with the skills and know-how to make your home a must see.

Be Thoughtful About Pricing

We often have emotional attachments to our homes that produce elevated feelings about its value. Setting a thoughtful, objective price informed by recent sales and local homes on the market, however, is key to corralling interest and an eventual sale. Also, continue to stay informed beyond the initial listing price by reviewing the market, both recent sales and newly listed properties.

Take Care of the Quick Fixes

From creaky doors to tears in window screens, fix those little problems you’ve long overlooked. This shows pride of ownership and inspires confidence in buyers that the home has been well maintained.

Make a Strong First Impression

Much as we try not to “judge a book by its cover,” it’s often inevitable – and that only heightens the importance of curb appeal when listing your home. Make sure your exterior is tidy and clean. Easy fixes like fresh mulch and flowers or a fresh coat of paint on the front door can spark a positive first impression.


Clutter can be distracting to buyers and make a home seem smaller, even impractical. Reduce clutter by packing away out-of-season clothes, ridding counters of non-essential items, and removing excess furniture.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning is a simple step, a tedious step, and an absolutely necessary step. From dusting shelves and washing windows to vacuuming the rugs and wiping the kitchen counters, a clean home does much to promote cheer and confidence in buyers.

“Depersonalize” Your Home

Yes, your home holds many memories and you’re proud to showcase family photos, awards, and the like, but eliminating such items from walls and tables helps buyers envision themselves in the home while also reducing clutter.

Offer Incentives

The more competitive the market, the more daring and creative sellers might need to be to entice buyers. From offering a big-screen television or gas grill to a one-year home warranty, some relatively modest incentives can help seal the deal with prospective buyers.

Be Flexible

Make it as easy as possible for interested buyers to see your home. Restrictions such as limiting showings to small windows of time or requiring 24-hour notices could limit your potential buyer pool.